Welcome – Chudleigh, Devon

Chudleigh & District Amenity Society (CADAS) has been endeavouring since 1972 to maintain and improve the general environment of Chudleigh for all its residents.

Chudleigh, Devon, UK

We have done this in various ways. Local planning applications are scrutinised and our comments reported to Teignbridge District Council.

The CADAS Committee has, with assistance from other groups, secured the protection, conservation and improvement of features of historic and public interest.

Recently, the dipping places of our ancient town water supply have been marked and the War Memorial has been listed with English Heritage.

One of our most important projects was the commissioning and provision of a mosaic depicting the history of Chudleigh. This was unveiled by Lord Clifford in May 2015.

In 2017-8, smaller mosaics were installed around Chudleigh, produced by local schoolchildren under the guidance of Monica Shanta Brown, a community arts professional. These mosaics are located outside the library and ‘Con’ Club and in The Woodway Room at Chudleigh Town Hall.

There were gaps in the line of trees along Lawn Drive. A scheme of planting was drawn up which we submitted to Devon County Council. Funding was secured to purchase the trees, which we planted. Help is always welcomed for our projects.

If you are interested in helping us to improve and maintain the ambience of Chudleigh, please do join us by becoming a member.